Tuesday, November 3, 2009

B-Rye's Articles Selected for Lit Review

Aubrey, J. (2007). The Impact of Sexually Objectifying Media Exposure on Negative Body Emotions and Sexual Self-Perceptions: Investigating the Mediating Role of Body Self-Consciousness. Mass Communication & Society, 10(1), 1-23.

Phillips, B. (2005). Working Out: Consumers and the Culture of Exercise. Journal of Popular Culture, 38(3), 525-551.

Hall, K. (2004). A Soldier's Body: GI Joe, Hasbro's Great American Hero, and the Symptoms of Empire. The Journal of Popular Culture, 38(1), 34-54.

Boden, S. (2006). Dedicated followers of fashion? The influence of popular culture on children's social identities. Media, Culture & Society, 28(2), 289-298.

Dolby, L. (1995). Pornography in Hungary: Ambiguity of the Female Image in a Time of Change. Journal of Popular Culture, 29, 119-127.

Railton, D. (2001). The Gendered Carnival of Pop. Popular Music, 20(3), 321-331.

Shelton, Maria L. (1997). Can't touch this! representations of the African American female body in urban rap videos. Popular Music and Society, 21(3), 107-116.

-Brian A.

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